U-Pb dating of Ordovician felsic volcanism in the Schistose Domain of the Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zone near Cabo Ortegal (NW Spain)

Pablo Valverde-Vaquero, Alberto Marcos Vallaure, Pedro Farias Arquer, Gloria María Gallastegui Suárez


The northern termination of the Schistose Domain of the Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zone is a tectonic slice named the Rio Baio Thrust Sheet, which is sandwiched between the Cabo Ortegal Complex and the Ollo de Sapo Domain of the Central-Iberian Zone. The Rio Baio Thrust Sheet is formed by two volcanosedimentary series, the Loiba and the Queiroga Series. The Loiba Series contains calc-alkaline dacite and rhyolite, while the overlying Queiroga Series has alkaline rhyolite. These series were considered to be in stratigraphically upwards continuity and believed to be Silurian in age. U-Pb dating of an alkaline rhyolite in the Queiroga Series provides an Arenig age of 475 ± 2 Ma. This age makes the Queiroga Series the oldest known stratigraphic unit in the Schistose Domain of the Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zone, impeding correlation between the lithostratigraphic sequences of Ortegal and Central Galicia. As well as providing evidence of an unforeseen structural complexity within the Rio Baio Sheet, the new data supports the notion that the Schistose Domain is not parautochtonous, but a separate lithotectonic unit in thrust contact with the underlying Central-Iberian Zone.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1344/105.000001412


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