Evaluation of the Introduction of New Technologies as a Support to Learning

Elba Leiva Madariaga, Mónica Maldonado Rojas, Gustavo Hawes Barrios


This study analyses the replies given by a group of undergraduates studying Medical Technology at the University of Talca on a questionnaire examining their degree of satisfaction concerning the introduction of new technologies as a support to their learning. The support system used was My WebCT learning platform applied to the teaching of the subject of Clinical Biochemistry. The team of teachers prepared class and laboratory materials which were posted to the platform in an ordered and sequenced manner.
The questionnaire examined five groups of variable: quality, quantity, accessibility, impact and user satisfaction. The results obtained were: Quality – the students responded positively; Quantity – the students reported encountering certain difficulties; Accessibility - good; Satisfaction – a high degree of satisfaction was expressed regarding the introduction of this new technology; Impact – an improvement was noted in levels of motivation and a better organization in the students’ study patterns.

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