Vol 51, No 1 (2012)

The 6th International Alkaline Phosphatase and Hypophosphatasia Symposium

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The 6th International Alkaline Phosphatase and Hypophosphatasia Symposium: Program
A Bloch-Zupan, E Mornet, J-L Millán, S Usrspung
Mechanisms of initiation of skeletal mineralization: the role of phosphatases
JL Millán
Nanotechnology in biomineralization: proteoliposomes as MVs biomimetics
P Ciancaglini, A M S Simao, M Bolean, M F Hoylaerts, J L Millán
Reconstitution into liposomes for biomineralization studies
A M S Simao, M Bolean, M F Hoylaerts, J L Millán, P Ciancaglini
Alkaline phosphatase in bone: insight fron zinc mapping studies
S Gómez, E A Preoteasa
Tnap Upregulation In Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Is Sufficient To Cause Medial Vascular Calcification
C Sheen, W Wang, M C Yadav, JL Millán
Oro-Dental Features In Hypophosphatasia : A Valuable Phenotype For Disease Diagnosis And Evaluation Of Future Treatment Outcomes
A Bloch-Zupan, Y Alembik, B Doray, A Linglart, E Mornet, JJ Morrier, D Droz, MC Manière
“Atypical Femoral Fractures” During Bisphosphonate Exposure In Adult Hypophosphatasia
RAL Sutton, S Mumm, SP Coburn, KL Ericson, MP Whyte
Fracture Burden In Adults With Hypophosphatasia
MP Whyte, CR Greenberg, PS Kishnani, VT Lim, L Case, J Mayhew, NC Kreher, A Skrinar
Hypophosphatasia: A Series Of Diagnosis Missteps
KL Madson, KE Mack, S Zika, MP Whyte
Bone Quality Changes In 3 Cases Of Hypophosphatasia: A Ftiri Study
M Audran, C Audrain-Gaudin, G Tanguy, D Chappard
Acute Severe Hypercalcemia After Traumatic Fracture And Immobilization In An Adult With Hypophosphatasia Complicated By Renal Failure
MP Whyte, R Leelawattana, WR Reinus, DV Novack
Identifying Individuals At Risk For Hypophosphatasia Using An Electronic Medical Record (Emr)
ME Nunes
Two Common Mutations In The ALPL Gene In Japanese Pa¬tients With Hypophosphatasia
K Ozono, T Michigami
Characterization of a Deletion in Tissue-Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase (p.F327DEL) as the third frequent mutation in ihe Japanese Patients with Hypophosphatasia
H Orimo, A Kiyama, T Matsumura
Clinicogenetical Characteristics Of Japanese Patients With Hypophosphatasia
T Taketani, K Onigata, R Kanai, H Kobayashi, Y Mushimoto, A Mihara, C Oyama, S Fukuda, S Yamaguchi
Perinatal (Lethal) Type Of Hypophosphatasia Resulting From Paternal Isodisomy Of Chromosome 1
T Watanabe, S Satoh, BT Naing, H Orimo, T Shimada
Evolutionary Analysis Of ALPL Validates And Predicts Human Mutations Leading To Hypophosphatasia
B Gasse, E Mornet, J-Y Sire
In Silico Scoring Of ALPL Gene Mutations Help To Distinguish Severe And Moderate Phenotypes In Hypophosphatasia
H Contouris, D Fauvert, A Taillandier, B Simon-Bouy, P De Mazancourt, E Mornet
Role Of TNAP And Other Ectonucleotidases In Pain Mechanisms
M J Zylka
TNAP In The Brain: Functions In Neurotransmission
C Fonta, L Negyessy, I Brun Heat, M Ermonval, D Czege, L G Nowak, B Frances, J S Xiao, J L Millán
Alkaline Phosphatase Bone Isoforms In Skeletal Mineralization And Vascular Calcification
P Magnusson, C Haarhaus, C Halling Linder
Crosstalk Between Fibroblasts And Endothelial Cells Promotes Angiogenesis In Vitro: Putative Role Of Alkaline Phosphatase, Growth Factors And Collagen
S G Guerreiro, R E Unger, A Sartoris, M J Martins, M A Barbosa, R Soares, PL Granja, C J Kirkpatrick
Pregnancy Failure And Alkaline Phosphatases: From Mouse Genetics To Human Disease
M Vatin, S Bouvier, L Bellazzi, P Laissue, G Burguio, X Montagutelli, C Serres, A Ziyyat, E Mornet, J C Gris, D Vaiman
Phenotypic Variability In Mabry Syndrome: Evidence For Genetic Heterogeneity
M D Thompson, T Roscioli, M M Nezarati, J A Phillips, P Krawitz, D Horn, H G Brunner, P Robinson, E C Cole
Characterization Of Alkaline Phosphatase In Mice
C Halling Linder, S Narisawa, J L Millán, P Magnusson
In Vitro Characterization Of TNSALP Mutations From Two Novel Mouse Models For Hypophosphatasia
B Mentrup, S Sabrautzki, C Hofmann, C Hrabé de Angelis, F Jakob
Gene Therapy For Lethal Murine Hypophosphatasia
T Shimada
Hypophosphatasia: Enzyme Replacement Therapy (Asfotase Alfa) Decreases TNSALP Substrate Accumulation And Improves Functional Outcomes In Affected Adolescents And Adults
M P Whyte, P S Kishnani, C R Greenberg, K Madson, K Mack, T Weber, A Mhanni, H Plotkin, N Kreher, H Landy
Enzyme Replacement Therapy In Different Clinical Phenotypes Of Hypophosphatasia – A Presentation Of Two Cases
C Hofmann, T Schwarz, S Kunzmann, J Wirbelauer, M Beer, H Girschick, C Willascheck, R Buchhorn, N Kreher, H Plotkin, H Landy, J Liese
Enzyme Replacement Prevents Enamel Defects In Hypo-phosphatasia Mice
MC Yadav, R Cardoso de Oliveira, B L Foster, H Fong, E C Burak, S Narisawa, R L Sah, M Somerman, M P Whyte, J L Millán
Ex Vivo Gene Therapy Of Severe Infantile Hypophosphatasia Model Mice Using Lentiviral Transduced Bone Marrow Cells
O Iijima, H Sugano, A Watanabe, K Miyake, T Shimada
Successful Gene Therapy In Utero For Lethal Murine Hypophosphatasia
H Sugano, K Miyake, A Watanabe, O Iijima, S Narisawa, J L Millán, Y Fukunaga, T Shimada
Growth Hormone Increases Growth Velocity And Alkaline Phosphatase Level In Children With Hypophosphatasia
P Moulin, J Sales de Gauzy, Y Vaysse, E Mornet, J P Salles
Biphosphonates In Hypophosphatasia: Not The Evil?
E Mimoun, P Moulin, J Sales de Gauzy, E Mornet, JP Salles
Hypophosphatasia: Upcoming Treatments.
F Jakob, C Hoffmann, L Seefried

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