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Best Odds Online Casino Real Money Betting Games

por Phrong Trangna (2018-03-30)

The online casinos are a place of free and real money casino betting games. Unlike before, the array of games is not just limited to one type of game. Now you can also play Asian flavored live dealer games and the best odds online casino real money betting games. So what are these best odds casino betting games you should play?

Roulette Casino Betting Game

This is one of the casino betting games that is always at casinos; both land based and online. The reason is that it has the best odds. A single number bet on roulette pays out 1:36 or 1:37 depending on the variant. In addition, there are side bets which has 50% chance of winning every wager. However, the payout is not as big as the single number bet, but for a long run, a lot of small wins can turn big. So if you want to make money, it is suggested you play it at the best online casino real money in Malaysia since they have a big promotion for this kind of game.


Another one that is always found at casinos. It is easy to play, fast paced and have low wager requirements. Baccarat also has other features like multi-game and multi-table which add new exciting experience to players. For instance, with the multi-game, you can play up to six different baccarat live dealer tables on one screen.

Dragon Tiger

For those who don’t know about Dragon Tiger, the game is actually really simple like Baccarat. They say it looks like Baccarat and Casino War combined. In this game, you will choose which hand will have the highest value. The cards are ranked according to their face value, makes Ace as the lowest and King as the highest card. The Dragon Tiger is one of casino betting games which gains a lot of popularity today because of that reason.

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