The Webquests in the spanish university area

María Victoria Martín, Jordi Quintana


This article reports on the WebQuest's (WQ) use, dissemination and perception experienced by Spanish universities -a methodology for which the interest has been renewed since the establishment of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and its competency-based teaching system.

The article summarizes the theoretical aspects and the key findings about the impact of the WQ implementation in different areas of knowledge in higher education. The study considers data collected within an international research as well as in the Spanish context.

The theoretical review is complemented with a summary of the results from two surveys. The first one examines the role of university organisms with competences in university teacher training in the methodological integration of ICT in its practice and, particularly, in the dissemination of WQ. The second survey reflects the opinion of an expert group in order to know, among other things, their views on the advantages and disadvantages of the method, its acceptance by the students and the appropriateness of its use in connection with the implementation of the EHEA.

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