Lisbon images and 4 metaphisical dissertations on waterfront urban design: vision, move, ethics, and interdisciplinarity.

Pedro Brandão


Representations of urban utopia, so relevant in recent waterfront projects, challenges us before anything else to understand change - the inevitable mutability of cities. Public art, architecture, landscape design and other urban design disciplines that operate the new kind of postindustrial urban projects, must question themselves about their own actions, in the processes of change. Being obvious that i won´t be able to do these things alone, i purpose myself to start with two lines of thought - that certainly will be returned to in the debates, first about city as image and movement, following the two parts of the sentence: The eyes that see // moving cities. After that, a set of thopics on the theory of interdisciplinarity regarding city questions and on the importance of ethics in it, as it is a fact that ethic values draw a significative role in all design cultures, specially when they are concerned with cities, and life in them. To preface it all, the visual cenario of Lisbon’s waterfront, and some short inspirations.

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Lisbon; Public Art; Wateferfront, Expo 98

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