Similitudes semánticas de los verbos entrar y salir en español medieval



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entrar, salir, historical semantics, etymology, verbs of motion, metaphor, metonymy


Two verbs such as entrar and salir do not seem to have much in common but the fact that both of them belong to the verbs of motion category. However, a review of the history of these units will enable us to notice not in all the cases is or has been that way, but beyond that apparent semantic dichotomy both verbs have developed around a set of semantic links that enabled to express similar meanings. The purpose of this investigation is to examine the links between these verbal units and to expose these existing coincidences among some of their semantic values in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries from the Cognitive Semantics point of view along with a brief tour through their etymological origins and their first evolution in Romance origins.



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Paz Afonso, A. (2023). Similitudes semánticas de los verbos entrar y salir en español medieval. Anuari De Filologia. Estudis De Lingüística, 6, 131–159.



Semántica histórica: nuevas aproximaciones al estudio de la evolución del significado, coordinado por J. Fernández Jaén