CFP: ABRIU 9 (2020) Monograph "Expressions of Diversity in Contemporary Brazilian Literature"

The concept of diversity, in its broadest sense, allows us to give value to differences, to emphasize the coesxistence of alterities and to take a positive view of the various perceptions of reality, of fiction, and of the fragile border between them, distancing ourselves from any totalizing ideas. The interface diversity/contemporary Brazilian literary production allows us to give value to both non-conventional literary objects and to innovative critical formulations. It also allows us to consider literature in order to relate it to «cultural representations, to subjectivation modes, and to the construction of identities», as Rita Terezinha Schmidt sustains in «Centro e margens: notas sobre a historiografia literaria» (2008). According to the author, this relationship makes it also feasible to analyse the modes of production, as well as the mechanisms of construction of literary traditions. In this sense, what is considered diverse in relation to literary tradition also allows us to contemplate what is still being silenced and which is not taken into account in contemporary Brazilian literature. Furthermore, as Schmidt claims (2008), «unconditional respect to alterity» is not only crucial in historiographical revision, but also in the construction of a possible and sustainable future. The definitions themselves and the limits of the «literary», whose expansion and questioning are part of their own capacity to survive at present, constitute a challenge within this context. In order to contribute to the study of these ideas, the monograph of issue 9 of the Abriu journal calls for articles focused on the broad concept of diversity in the fields of production, criticism, and reception of contemporary Brazilian literary works, especially those related to identities considered minoritary, literary «subgenres», alternative insertions in the literary field, new critical concepts, and textual hybridasations. These are some of the proposals to invite you to participate in this monographic edition of Abriu. The articles, written in Catalan, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese, or English, must comply with the journal requirements and must be sent before September 15, 2019.

This monographic issue is coordinated by Virgínia Maria Vasconcelos Leal, professor at Universidade de Brasília, researcher at the Grupo de Estudos em Literatura Brasileira Contemporânea (GELBC), specialist in Literary Theory, contemporary Brazilian literature, feminine authorship, gender studies and sexual diversity. Among her articles, we can highlight “«Ser una escritora brasileña contemporânea» (2013), «Academia, criação literária e temática lésbica: a produção de Lúcia Facco» (2016) and «Apesar dos pesares: mães em luto em narrativas contemporânea» (2017). She has organised two volumes together with Regina Dalcastagnè, Espaço e gênero na literatura brasileira contemporânea (2015) and Deslocamentos de gênero na literatura brasileira contemporânea (2010), as well as participated in various collective works. CV: https://



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