Zambrano and Dieste, Strange Centaurs


  • María Leyra Universidade de Santiago de Compostela



María Zambrano, Rafael Dieste, poetic reason, Second Spanish Republic and Civil War, decentered subjects


The article proposes to analyze the points of contact between Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s book Sentimento do mundo, published in 1940, and the Spanish Civil War poetry, which arose in the period immediately prior. Our hypothesis is that the communist ideology and literature that spread from the Revolution of 1917 in the Soviet Union, and particularly during the Spanish Civil War, influenced the production of the Brazilian poet, and were decisive in the formulation of his work from that moment until the end of World War II.




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Leyra, M. (2019). Zambrano and Dieste, Strange Centaurs. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (7), 165–184.