El delta reciente del río Ebro: Descripción de ambientes y evolución

Andrés MALDONADO, Oriol Riba i Arderiu


Description of the deltaic plain, fluvial and paludal, and the fluvial-marine environments, mainly the delta front, in the delta of Rio Ebro (Spain). This plain is built up by the constructive development of succesive lobate deltas, later abandoned and partially eroded. The temporary succession of these different lobes is described. The recent evolution of the deltaic plain is governed by the abandonment of the active streams that recently occured at the latitude of the island of Buda and by the formation and erosion of bars in front of the present mouth of the active stream and in different points of the delta coast. The variations undergone by the coast in the last 25 years are established by means of a detailed aerial photographic survey.

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