Nota sobre el límite inferior de derrubios estratificados de vertiente (grèzes litées) en el sector de St. Llorenç de Morunys (Prepirineo oriental, prov. de Lérida)



Some outcrops af stratified slope wastes are described in the Eastern F'repyrenees (Prov. of Lérida) in the Cardene~ valley. Their loww limit was at $00 m during the Wurm age. Stratified slope wastes or "grEnes litées" of French geologists, are graded bedding deposits, built out of frost- broken debris washed by snow-melt water. They dip bet- ween 30 and '10 degrees. The dip increases going up the slope. Cryoturbation structures are noted in this stratified wastes at an altitude of about 1.100 meter in Port de Comte massif.

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