Neógeno superior y Cuaternario del Penedès (Catalunya, España)

Francesc GALLART


The Penedes basin is a graben of miocenic age which follows to the SW the Valles basin, forming the Prelitoral Catalan Depression. St. Sadurni, the main village in the studied area, is 40 km to the East of Barcelona. Very interesting mammalian faunas from Vindobonian to Turolian age are known in this graben, mainly after Crusafont's and Villalta's papers. The author has proved the Pliocenic age of the upper part of the filling (Gallart, 1978), and gives in the present paper a sumary of the neogenic and quaternary stratigraphy, which includes some old quaternary deposits covenng he pliocenic formation. Differences between Vallesian and Turolian-Pliocene units and Pleistocene geomorpbic systems are the main problems shown.

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