El Paleozoico de la parte NE del Macizo de Garraf (Cadenas Costeras Catalanas)



The studied area forms the Paleozoic basement cropping out at thenortheasterncorner of the Garraf Massif. Althoughno identifiable fossils have been found, by lithological affinities ;he sequence can be attributed to the Upper Ordovician and Silurian. All rocks are affected by green-schist facies metamorphism and a polyphase deformation. The structure of the area is essentially the result of the superimposition of two deformation phases, as is normal in lowgrade areas in the Catalonian Coastal Ranges. The main deformation gave way to a well developped slaty-cleavage dipping about 50º to the northeast. A later deformation generated a crenulation cleavage, very variable across the area, both in intensity and attitude.

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