Crustáceos decápodos de Las Hoyas (Cuenca) y del Montsec de Rúbies (Lleida). Calizas litográficas del Cretácico inferior de España



Three species of decapoda crustacean have been differentiated: one form belongs to the Astacidea infraorder (Psedastacus llopisi) and two forms belong to the Caridea infraorder. A new genus (Delclosia) for the last two forms and a new species for the form from Las Hoyas (Delclosia martinelli) are defined. Pseudastacus llopisiis present in both outcrops. Delclosia roselli is only present in the Montsec and Delclosia martinelli in Las Hoyas. Both outcrops (Montsec in Lleida and Las Hoyas in Cuenca) configurate the overall lithographic limestones from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain. The exceptional preservation of the forms and their high level of articulation and segment conexion, are indicative of good fossilitation conditions: a quiet aquatic environment and a quick burial with an early diagenethic mineralization .

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