La mineralización de Baritina de Purroy (Zaragoza, España)



The barite mineralization of Purroy (Zaragoza) is located in the Ordovician slates and sandstones, in the Structural Zone of Morata, the northern part of Unidad de Herrera (Eastern Iberian Chain). It is mainly composed of barite, quartz, goethite and hematite; fluorite and pirite with quartz and some Co-ore alteration minerals have also been recognized nearby. Although there is some filling-cavities barite, it occurs mainly in  NllOE veins, with an evident structural control; they present features of  contemporaneous mechanical deformation, related to prealpine distensive events. Barite occurs in a wide variety of aspects, very likely depending on the deposit conditions, and they bring out that at least some veins were filled in several stages, related with deformation events. Sr analysis in a cm scale shows an increase of Sr-content during the course of deposition; in a vein scale this pattern is alterated by mecanic deformations, disolutions and reprecipitations, related with a polyphasic deposit process. Analysis of trace elements suggest a geochemical influence of the environment on the formation of the barite deposit. Fe, Co & Mn are the most characteristic trace elements in this barite mineralization, and their patterns are partialy linked to barite precipitation conditions.

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