Distribución geográfica y cronoestratigráfica de Palliolum (Lissochlamys) excisum (Mollusca, Pectinidae) en España



Palliolum (L.) excisum (Bronn) is found in the three areas in Spain: in the Cordillera Litoral (Cordillera Costero-Catalana), in the area of Alicante, (Cordilleras Béticas) and in the Guadalquivir Basin. There is a precise distribution in the firts two, while in the latter, it is present in numerous places. From the lithological point of view yhe species is associated with fine detrial facies, but is not present in thick and carbonate sequences. In the Mediterranean area as well as in the Atlantic of Southern Europe, it is Pliocene in age, corresponding to Upper Miocene only in the "Camping Francás" (Spain) but the possibility that this area could belong to the Pliocene may not be discarded. In the controversial Dar-Bel-Hamri outcrop in Marocco the stratigraphical position is doubtful which is considered to be Messinian.

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