Estratigrafía del "Garumniense" de la Conca de Tremp. Prepirineo de Lérida



The stratigraphic and sedimentological study of the Tremp Formation (also called «Garumnian Facies») at the Tremp Basin has allowed a new lithostratigraphical subdivision of these materials. The Tremp Group has been defined as anew unit which comprises five formations and is equivalent to the Tremp Formation. The lower unit can be considered as lagoonal, while the others are essentially non marine, displaying fluvial, alluvial and lacustrine facies assemblages. The sedimentation of theTremp Group was synchronous of the emplacement of the earlier Pvrenean trust sheets. as it can be inferred from the geometrical relationships between these materials and the Pyrenean structures, clasts composition and stratigraphic architecture of the alluvial sediments.

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