La Formación de Bellmunt (Unidad del Cadí, Pirineo oriental): aportaciones bioestratigráficas de los sistemas lacustres y palustres asociados

Pere (Busquets i Buezo) BUSQUETS, E. RAMOS-GUERRERO, S. MOYÀ, Jordi Agustí, F. COLOMBO, L. CHECA, M. KÖHLER


The Bellmunt Fm is an alluvial synorogenic unit which was deposited under the influence of the southward displacement of succesive pyrenean nappes. This unit includes, in the boundary between its lower and middle part, many lacustrine and palustrine beds with an abundant fossil fauna and flora. This fossil record allows to recognize thepaleoenviromental andpaleoclimatic scenary. Charophytes and fossil mammals indicate a Middle and Lower Bartonian age for this Formation.

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