Reflexiones sobre la geología de la parte occidental de la Depresión del Ebro

Oriol Riba i Arderiu, Ma. José JURADO


A short history on the development of geological knowledge about the RiojaBasin (western Ebro Basin, Spain) and the neighbouring areas is presented and integrated with the results of recent subsurface studies. An evolutive model is proposed for the western part of the basin. Major thrusting along northern and southern margins are responsible for the reduction of the extension of the original basin in the order of 70 %. Syntectonic sedimentation of continental Tertiary beds as well as vertical movements of the basin basement (from Paleozoic to Mesozoic) first as uplift coeval to preorogenic rifting and later as subsidence during alpine compressive events. The piggyback basins are delimited and considerations are made regarding diapirism in the northern margin.

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