The oldest lagonomegopid spider, a new species in Lower Cretaceous amber from Álava, Spain



The new species Burlagonomegops alavensis (Araneae: Lagonomegopidae) is described from Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) amber from Álava (Basque Country), Spain. This is the first fossil spider to be described from this deposit and extends the known geological range of this family by approximately 15–20 Ma, from the previously oldest described lagonomegopid in Burmese amber. Given the broad geographic range of this family in the Cretaceous and their absence in Tertiary fossil resins, the global extinction of this family is enigmatic. In contrast to other spider families, it may be that the end-Cretaceous extinction event did have an effect on this strictly fossil family.


Arachnida; Araneae; Lagonomegopidae; Paleontology; Taxonomy.

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