Ordovician conodonts from the Mithaka Formation (Georgina Basin, Australia). Regional and paleobiogeographical implications

T. KUHN, C. Barnes


The systematic analysis of conodonts from the previously unstudied Mithaka Formation (Georgina Basin) yielded 1366 identifiable elements, representing 25 species and 21 genera. One new species was recovered and identified, Triangulodus mithakensis n. sp. Four other new species are described in open nomenclature as Bergstroemognathus? n. sp. A, ?Periodon n. sp. A, Phragmodus n. sp. A and Taoqupognathus n. sp. A. The Mithaka Fm fauna shows similarity with conodonts from several previous Australian studies and lesser similarity with conodonts from North China and North America. Some species of North American Midcontinent (Laurentian Province) affinity include Erismodus quadridactylus (STAUFFER) and Staufferella divisa SWEET, whereas some species of North Chinese affinity include Aurilobodus leptosomatus AN, Panderodus nogamii (LEE) and ?Serratognathus sp. However, many species are distinctly Australian: Bergstroemognathus? n. sp. A, ?Periodon n. sp. A, Phragmodus n. sp. A, Drucognathus yiranus ZHANG, BARNES and COOPER, Erismodus nicolli ZHANG, BARNES and COOPER, Yaoxianognathus? neonychodonta ZHANG, BARNES and COOPER, Triangulodus mithakensis n. sp. and Taoqupognathus n. sp. A. These Australian species support the placement of the Mithaka Fm fauna within the proposed Australian Province. This new conodont fauna is correlated to the early Late Ordovician upper Drucognathus yiranus Zone of the Amadeus Basin, Central Australia and the late Gisbornian Stage. The conodont fauna indicates a shallow open lagoon depositional environment.


Ordovician; Conodonts; Mithaka Formation; Georgina Basin; Palaeobiogeography.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1344/105.000001382


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