Tremadocian Graptolite-Conodont Biostratigraphy of the South American Gondwana margin (Eastern Cordillera, NW Argentina)



The Tremadocian graptolite and conodont faunas of the Gondwana Margin recorded at the Eastern Cordillera (EC) of Salta and Jujuy provinces (northwestern Argentina) are studied. The previous data and the new provided information indicate that a “no nominated interval” and several graptolite zones (Anisograptus matanensis, Rhabdinopora flabelliformis anglica, Bryograptus, Kiaerograptus, Kiaerograptus supremus, Araneograptus murrayi, and Hunnegraptus copiosus zones), as well as several conodont zones (Iapetognathus, Cordylodus angulatus, Paltodus deltifer, and Acodus deltatus - Paroistodus proteus zones) occur in the Ordovician successions studied. New or reappraised data from sections such as Angosto del Moreno, Angosto de Lampazar, Parcha-Incamayo-Incahuasi area, and Cajas range (EC western margin), and Alfarcito area and Mojotoro range (EC eastern margin), provide new information on the composition of the fossil faunas. A composite graptoliteconodont biostratigraphic framework, including records of key trilobites as external control group, is proposed for the Tremadocian of the South American margin of Gondwana. Both fossil groups are generally recorded from outer platform to ocean basin environments, showing significant similarities with the Baltoscandian faunas. Nevertheless, particular shallow-water facies include either specific forms or species associations that are common to the epeiric shallow-water seas of Laurentia. This fact demonstrates an important interplay between faunas of different regions of the Iapetus Ocean during the Tremadocian.


Graptolites; Conodonts; Biostratigraphy; Tremadocian; Eastern Cordillera; Argentina.

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