Pumping seawater from coastal aquifers for supplying desalination plants

Antonio Pulido Bosch, Pablo Pulido Leboeuf, Juan Gisbert Gallego


The lack of water in the coastal areas demands an onerous search for an appropriate solution. One solution is that of water transfer from areas of surplus, but this is itself problematical. Technological developments have introduced the possibility of utilizing desalinated seawater as a drinking water source at a competitive price. Abstraction from coastal aquifers that are connected to the sea appears to be the cheapest means of supply. However, pumping poses some problems due to the corrosiveness of seawater. These problems include the difficulties of choosing suitable sites for the abstractions, drilling method, casing, filter pack, as well as the design of a monitoring system to assess aquifer behaviour as a result of the generally high exploitation rate. The 31 boreholes that have been drilled in the Andarax Delta near the city of Almeria are cited as an example of a real application.


Coastal aquifers; Desalination; Drilling methods; Drilling muds; Borehole logging; Well casing; Development.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1344/105.000001431


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