Taxonomic revision of the Oligocene percoid fish Oligoserranoides budensis (Heckel, 1856), from the Paratethys and paleobiogeographic comments


  • M. BIENKOWSKA-WASILUK Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw Żwirki i Wigury 93, PL-02-089 Warszawa, Poland.
  • M. PALDYNA Geoscience Friends Association ‘Phacops’ Grajewska 13/40, PL-03-766 Warszawa, Poland.



Teleostei, Perciformes, Outer Carpathians, Poland, Menilite Formation


Small perch-like fishes from the Oligocene of the Paratethys have been traditionally assigned to Serranus budensis (Heckel, 1856). A morphological revision of the holotype and specimens previously assigned to S. budensis from the Outer Carpathians, Poland, is provided herein. They are re-assigned to the species Oligoserranoides budensis (Heckel, 1856) — Percoidei incertae sedis. New specimens assigned to Ol. budensis from the Outer Carpathians, Poland, are introduced. Our results reveal that Ol. budensis is very similar to the species Caucasoserranoides morozkiensis, Carpathoserranoides brnoensisCarpathoserranoides polonicus and Oligoserranoides comparabilis, and further studies are necessary to revise the validity of those species. Ol. budensis shares many characters with genera Lutjanus and Ocyurus of the superfamily Lutjanoidea. Ol. budensis differs from Lutjanoidea in having a toothless palatine. The palaeobiogeography of Oligocene small perch-like fishes in the Paratethys is presented and discussed.


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