First report of Devonian corals from the Bitlis-Pötürge Massif (SE Turkey): a rare occurrence of corals on the northern margin of Gondwana

Julien Denayer, Izzet Hoşgör


The Bitlis-Pötürge Massif of SE Turkey is a metamorphic belt separating the Arabian Plate from the Taurides. It includes a non-metamorphic Palaeozoic sequence that contains locally fossiliferous strata. Here is reported for the first time an assemblage of Upper Devonian rugose and tabulate corals from the Meydan Formation, composed of the rugose Frechastraea schafferi (PENECKE), Peneckiella cf. teicherti HILL, Pseudopexiphyllum supradevonicum (PENECKE), and Macgeea desioi VON SCHOUPPÉ, and the tabulate Thamnopora reticulata (DE BLAINVILLE), Alveolites ex. gr. suborbicularis and Scoliopora sp. The rugose corals suggest a Late Frasnian age. The palaeobiogeographic affinities of corals are discussed. The species F. schafferi and the genus Pseudopexiphyllum –so far only reported from Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan– are probably limited to the northern margin of Gondwana and therefore diagnostic for this palaeogeographic area. Until now, the northern margin of Gondwana yielded very few Upper Devonian corals so this occurrence in SE Turkey is particularly important to estimate the relationship between these corals and the ones from the northern margin of the Palaeotethys Ocean.


Arabian Plate; Frasnian; Frechastraea; Rugosa; Tabulata

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