The internationalization process of two largest Spanish construction firms: FCC and Dragados (c. 1960-1992)


  • Eugenio Torres Villanueva Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Internationalisation, Construction Firms, Business History, Spain


This paper analyses the internationalisation process of two of the largest Spanish construction firms (FCC and Dragados) from the sixties to the nineties of the XXth century. This period is previous to the recent and intense internationalisation of the Spanish construction firms. It studies the
creation and accumulation of capabilities to go abroad: technical capabilities (engineering, design, specialized technical services), and financial and management capabilities (organization and logistics). Although both cases, FCC and Dragados, show some differences, the article concludes that
the accumulation of capabilities to go abroad was driven by the strong domestic demand of construction’s goods and services in the period stueid, and also by the cooperation with foreign firms operating in Spain; and it suggests a positive institutional influence (diplomacy and foreign policy) existed in both firms’ internationalization process.


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