Doubles périodes de silence sur les muscles élérateurs de la mandibule chez l’homme: une étude électromyographique

M.-Th Verkindere, J.-Ph Lodter, X Alzieu


This study is performed during a global E.M.G. on the elevators masseter and temporal muscles of the mandibule. 14 subjects out of a total of 81 present two successive silent periods following a single mechanical stimulation on the chin.

The second, silent period occurs after a certain lagtime simular to the one observed by other research workers.

The hypothesis of an etiology in the subjects occlusion or in a specificity of his masticatory function have been rejected.

Various hypothesis are suggested by other research workers:

- Response to a painful or to an electrical stimulation

- A single silence period could be a weariness or dysfunctionnal symptom.

- Different receptors or nervous pathway could be stimulated for both inhibition.

The observation of two successive silent periods, for a single extern mechanical stimulation is an occasional fact and has no relationship with the subject’s occlusion.

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