Hydroxyapatite biomaterial implanted in human periodontal defects: an histological and ultrastructural study

I Orly, B Kerebel, J Abjean, M Heughebaert, I Barbieux


The purpose of the present work was to study the response of human periodontium to hydroxyapatite biomaterial particles (180-200 µm). The biomaterial was implanted in two infraosseous periodontal defects (two patients) after clearing of the granulation tissue. At two months post-surgery, biopsies were studied using light and electron microscopy. No sign of inflammation was observed, the biomaterial aggregates were surrounded either by typical fibroblasts or larger phagocytotic cells with phagocytosis vesicles containing biomaterial crystals. These intracellular crystals were noticeably smaller than the nonphagocytized ones. Some of the phagocytized crystals showed morphological signs of intracellular dissolution. The spaces between the crystals constitutive of the aggregates were filled with organic substance containing collagen fibers.


hydroxyapatite; biomaterials; periodontal defect; implant; microscopy

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