Implantations dentaires en alumine monocrystalline chez l’animal: étude du tissu périmplantaire

A.M Gatti, D Zaffe, G.P Poli


After the extraction of two molars in a dog’s jaw, a single crystal alumina screw was implanted.

Monthly radiographs were taken and analyzed by means of a video display computer (VDC) to obtain densitometric informations about the interface.

After one year implantation, the bone segment containing the prosthesis was fixed in 4% paraformadehyde, embedded in methacrylate and sectioned by a microtome saw.

The results in light microscopy with ordinary and polarized light, in SEM and X-ray microanalysis, show the presence of a thick connective tissue layer interposed between the screw and the bone. The histological findings confirm the results obtained through the VDC analysis of the radiographic images.


implantology; sapphire

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