Altérations du microrelief de surface et perte de l’émail dentaire après utilisation d’un spray abrasif au bicarbonate de sodium

M Kuliralo, N Dourov


Alterations of the surface dental microtopography and enamel loss due to the use of an air-abrasive system on polished and no-polished surfaces of extracted teeth, have been evaluated by scanning electron microscopy, and surface roughness and weight measurements. Results show irregular depressions and significant increased surface roughness on no-polished enamel surfaces while polished enamel surfaces are very lightly affected by the air-abrasive system. Enamel loss expressed in weight % attains 1 %-5.3 % after use of an air-abrasive system.


human enamel; jet abrasive system; surface condition; enamel loss

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