Calcifying odontogenic cyst associated with compound odontoma: A study on undemineralized material

A Piattelli, A Scarano, M Piattelli


In a minority of cases of calcifying odontogenic cyst (COC) it is possible to observe the formation of dental hard tissues in the cyst wall. The use of undemineralized sections has allowed an evaluation of the mineralized tissues normally lost with the use of demineralizing agents. All the dental hard tissues presented a high degree of morpho- and histodifferentiation. The histochemical staining for calcium salts (von Kossa) showed the presence of areas of low mineralization in the portion of the lesion, where the tissue maturation was not complete. In conclusion the appearance of the dental hard tissues in this case of compound odontoma arising in the cyst wall of a COC is similar to that already described in compound odontoma not associated with COC.


calcifying odontogenic cyst; odontoma; undemineralized sections

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