Overcoming the digital native concept. Analysis of the university students practices

Guillermo Bautista Pérez, Anna Escofet Roig, Anna Forés Miravalles, Marta López Costa, Marta Marimon Martí


Over the last ten years, youth people are labeled as Digital Natives. It is considered that any person who born after the 80s is a native speaker of a digital language based on computer use, video games and the Internet. However, some authors question this concept: Are they learning in different way, or just incorporate some new tools and methods to their way of accessing information and socialize? The article presents the results of an investigation (Uses of ICT among college students: academic and social perspective of mediated learning processes. EDU2009-12125) focused on the use of ICT that make young students from different universities of Catalonia. The results show us different uses of technologies and they are related to critical view of Digital Native concept. The importance of the results point to new research fields to further improve higher education.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1344/der.2013.24.1-22


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