Digital portfolio for the development of cross-disciplinary skills. Major contributions of studies with Carpeta Digital within the framework of the research group Virtual Teaching and Learning

María José Rubio Hurtado, Cristina Galván


The article presents a summary of teaching innovations and research conducted by the research group Virtual Teaching and Learning (GREAV) of the Universitat de Barcelona about digital portfolios. The article addresses in general features, potentialities and pedagogical frameworks that often accompany the digital portfolios, and focuses particularly on skills development-oriented platform: Carpeta Digital. The platform has been implemented in several university contexts and has been the subject of various innovations and investigations, whose most noteworthy results are shown for different aspects: the valuation of the tool users, the development of skills in the student body, the specific use of the portfolio by the students and didactic treatment by teachers


Portafolios digital; Competencias

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