Motivation in massive education online Development and testing of a system of accreditation badges for MOOC

Enrique Sánchez Acosta, Juan José Escribano Otero, Fernando Valderrama


The term with that began to know the massive open online courses or MOOC is starting to disintegrate in other hybrid models such as BOOC (Big Open Online Courses), SPOC (Small Private Online Courses) or DOCC (Distributed Collaborative Online Course), due to the media attention they have received in the last two years and has driven countless articles and conferences for its definition. However, both MOOC as in any of these new hybrid models, has a series of motivational components of learning, one of them are the badges or certificates that try to justify the student motivation in learning. The key to success of a badge could be on the prestige gained within the social circle of the student, the sustainability of massive online courses could depend on it. The most prestigious certificates could cover the costs of MOOC courses, while other less prestigious badges serve as a reward to motivate the students. However, it is not clear that these rewards could motivate to the students, this paper try to clarify this approach in the context of the massive online courses.



MOOC; Motivation; Badges; Accreditations; Learning.

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