Can Gamification Be Introduced Within Primary Classes?


  • Verónica Marín-Díaz
  • Magdalena López-Pérez Universidad de Extremadura (España)
  • Guadalupe A Maldonado-Berea Universidad Veracruzana



ITC, videogames, training, pupils, curriculum, primary education


Training through gamification is everyday a more evident reality in Primary Education classes. The teachers’ view about this has been modified as it is shown in the study published by aDeSe in 2012. However, does it really have place in the students’ curricular development in the primary education stage? For the sake of responding to this question, we have carried out a descriptive study about the opinion that the future teachers from primary education have got about this “new” form of implementing the curricular contents. The sample, conformed by 244 students of second course of Media Literacy and Didactic Application of ICT, answered a questionnaire consisting of 23 questions, of which 14 are devoted to determine the attitude that future teachers have facing videogames and the remaining 9 indicate the educative dimension that they give to it within the primary class. The most significant initial result we find is that while they consider having a proactive view as users of this, women are less active within this tool, although the female teachers conclude, however, that it could be an attractive resource for the learning of the youngest students.

Author Biography

Verónica Marín-Díaz

Directora del Máster en Educación Inclusiva de la Universidad de Córdoba (España), miembro del departamento de Educación de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Córdoba