Digital History has become a new form of historiographical praxis that seeks to study the past with the tools of the future. The application of Digital History ranges from the most quantitative academic research to the use of digital tools for public history inside the range of humanistic knowledge, which sometimes leads to the creation of databases or the development of applications for mobile phones. The latest contributions point to increasingly blurred boundaries between a classic Digital History of strong quantitative positions, to a new historiographical discipline increasingly accustomed to the use of new technologies and embracing their impact on humanities.

This HD / DH Humanitats Digitals / Digital Humanities monograph proposes the following objectives:

- Explore the new perspectives of Digital History through the results of projects to disseminate historical knowledge through innovative digital tools and the development of transmedia discourses, but also wants to explore contributions that reflect on the impact of new technologies in the set of historiography.

- To know the new pedagogical tools offered by Digital History in an academic educational environment but also in the pre-university level.

- Share the latest tools and methodological proposals of a virtual environment dedicated to the study of history, whether it’s the construction of databases, mapping or the formation of new archives that already incorporate the new discourses and proposals of Digital History.

- Create a network and proposals for collaboration between Digital History projects, either through the presentation of research by phases such as the possibility of applying international projects at a local level.

- Present research centers specialized in Digital History as well as their academic results or the dissemination of historical knowledge.

We make this Call For Papers with the aim of offering a platform for reflection on the challenges of Digital History and its present and future work proposals. HD / DH Humanitats Digitals / Digital Humanities is committed to a broad state of the art that answers key questions about Digital History: What is the future of historiography now that it is intimately tied to new technologies? How will the increasingly elaborated databases and their interconnection between research centers transform search results? Can a direct relationship be established between Digital History and other historiographical trends such as Big and Global History? How does the new digitized historiography relate to other disciplines related to the humanities and social sciences? The magazine HD / DH Humanitats Digitals / Digital Humanities wants to offer a space for reflection on all these questions and their possible answers.

Deadline CFP Digital History: January 30, 2021

New deadline CFP Libraries: November 30, 2020