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NOTICIAS / NEWS  (“Transfer”, 2016)



1. Languages & the Media – Agile Mediascapes: Personalising the Future, Hotel Radisson Blu, Berlín, 2-4 Nov. 2016

2. Third Chinese Drama Translation Colloquium

Newcastle University, UK, 28-19 Junio 2016.


3. 16th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference – Translation & Interpreting: Learning beyond the Comfort Zone, University of Portsmouth, UK, 5 Nov. 2016.

4. 3rd International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting & Translation (NPIT3) Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Suiza
5-7 Mayo 2016.


5. 3rd Postgraduate Symposium – Cultural Translation: In Theory and as Practice. University of Nottingham, UK, 18 Mayo 2016.


6. 3rd Taboo Conference – Taboo Humo(u)r: Language, Culture, Society, and the Media, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)

20-21 Sep. 2016.

7. Postgraduate Conference on Translation and Multilingualism

Lancaster University, UK, 22 Abril 2016.


8. Translation and Minority

University of Ottawa (Canadá), 11-12 Nov. 2016.



9. Translation as Communication, (Re-)narration and (Trans-)creation

Università di Palermo (Italia), 10 Mayo 2016

10. From Legal Translation to Jurilinguistics: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Language and Law, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla,
27-28 Oct. 2016.


11. Third International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 7-8 Julio 2016

12. EST Congress – Expanding the Boundaries or Strengthening the Bases: Should Translation Studies Explore Visual Representation?

Aarhus University (Dinamarca), 15-17 Sep. 2016


13. Tourism across Cultures: Accessibility in Tourist Communication

Università di Salento, Lecce (Italia). 25-27 Feb. 2016

14. Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Crossroad: A Dialogue between Process-oriented and Sociological Approaches – The Fourth Durham Postgraduate Colloquium on Translation Studies

Durham University, UK. 30 Abril – 1 Mayo 2016.


15. Translation and Interpreting:  Convergence, Contact, Interaction

Università di Trieste (Italia), 26-28 Mayo 2016


16. 7th International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies and East Asian Studies.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1 Julio 2016.

17. Translation Education in a New Age

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China

15-16 Abril 2016. Contact: Claire Zhou (


18. Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing and Subtitling in the Central European Context, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra (Eslovaquia). 15-17 Junio 2016.


19. Cervantes, Shakespeare, and the Golden Age of Drama

Madrid, 17-21 Oct. 2016


20. 3rd International Conference Languaging Diversity – Language/s and Power. Università di Macerata (Italia), 3-5 Marzo 2016

21. Congreso Internacional de Traducción Especializada (EnTRetextos)

Universidad de Valencia, 27-29 Abril 2016


22. Translation & Quality 2016: Corpora & Quality

Université Charles de Gaulle Lille 3 (Francia), 5 Feb. 2016


23. New forms of feedback and assessment in translation and interpreting training and industry. 8th EST Congress – Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries, Aarhus University (Dinamarca), 15-17 Sep. 2016.

24. Intermedia 2016 – Conference on Audiovisual Translation

University of Lodz (Polonia), 14-16 Abril 2016


25. New Technologies and Translation

Université d’Algiers (Argelia). 23-24 Feb. 2016



26. Circulation of Academic Thought - Rethinking Methods in the Study of Scientific Translation. 11 - 12 Dec. 2015, University of Graz (Austria).

27. The 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference

Monash University, Malaysia Campus, 26-30 Sep. 2016.


28. “Translation policy: connecting concepts and writing history”

8th EST Congress – Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries

Aarhus University (Dinamarca), 15-17 Sep. 2016


29. International Conference – Sound / Writing: On Homophonic Translation. Université de Paris (Francia), 17-19 Nov. 2016


30. Third Hermeneutics and Translation Studies Symposium – Translational Hermeneutics as a Research Paradigm

Technische Hochschule, Colonia (Alemania), 30 Junio-1 Julio 2016


31. II International Conference on Economic Financial and Institutional Translation. Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Canadá), 17-18 Agosto 2016.


32. International Congress - liLETRAd 2016-Cátedra LILETRAD. Literature Languages Translation, Universidad de Sevilla,

6-8 Julio 2016.

33. Transmediations! Communication across Media Borders

Linnæus University, Växjö (Suecia), 13–15 Oct. 2016

34. Translation Education in a New Age, 15-16 Abril 2016. School of Humanities and Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Contacto:

35. Translation and Time: Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Cross-cultural Transfer, 8-10 Diciembre 2016. Departamento de Traducción, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Contacto:

36. Du jeu dans la langue. Traduire les jeux de mots / Loose in Translation. Translating Wordplay, 23-24 Marzo 2017, Université de Lille (France) Contacto:,

37. Translation and Translanguaging across Disciplines. EST Congress 2016 “Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries”, European Society for Translation Studies, Aarhus (Dinamarca), 15-17 Sep. 2016




38. Beyond linguistic plurality: The trajectories of multilingualism in Translation. An international conference organized jointly by Bogaziçi University, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, and Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact, York University, Bogaziçi University, 1-12 Mayo 2016.



39. "Professional and Academic Discourse: an interdisciplinary perspective". XXXIV IConferencia Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Lingüística Aplicada (AESLA), 14-16 Abril 2016. Interuniversity Institute for Applied Modern Languages (IULMA) / Universidad de Alicante. Contacto:




1. Seminario: Breaking News for French>English and English>French Translators King's College Cambridge, UK, 8-10 Agosto 2016



2. Curso on-line: Setting Up as a Freelance Translator

Enero – Marzo 2016. Institute of Translation & Interpreting, UK


3. Curso: Using Interpreters for Intercultural Communication and Other Purposes (COM397CE)


4. Workshop: How to Write and Publish Your Scholarly Paper In cooperation with the European Association of Science Editors (EASE)

New Bulgarian University, Sofia (Bulgaria), 21-23 Marzo 2016

5. Posgrado: II Postgraduate Course on Spanish Law Taught in English "Global study". Universidad Internacional de Andalucía / Colegio de Abogados de Málaga.



1. STRIDON – Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School, Piran (Eslovenia), 27 Junio – 8 Julio 2016

2. Training in Translation Pedagogy Program

School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa (Canadá), 4-29 Julio 2016.

3. 2016 Nida School of Translation Studies. Translation, Ecology and Entanglement, San Pellegrino University Foundation, Misano Adriatico, Rimini (Italia), 30 Mayo – 10 Junio 2016.

4. TTPP - Intensive Summer Program in Translation Pedagogy

University of Ottawa (Canadá), 4-29 Julio 2016.


5. CETRA Summer School 2016. 28th Research Summer School

University of Leuven, campus Antwerp (Bélgica), 22 Agosto – 2 Sep. 2016. Contacto:




1. Varela Salinas, María-José & Bernd Meyer (eds.) 2016. Translating and Interpreting Healthcare Discourses / Traducir e interpretar en el ámbito sanitario. Berlín : Frank & Timme.


2. Ordóñez López, Pilar and José Antonio Sabio Pinilla (ed.) 2015. Historiografía de la traducción en el espacio ibérico. Textos contemporáneos. Madrid: Ediciones de Castilla-La Mancha.


3. Bartoll, Eduard. 2015. Introducción a la traducción audiovisual. Barcelona: Editorial UOC.


4. Rica Peromingo, Juan Pedro & Jorge Braga Riera. 2015. Herramientas y técnicas para la traducción inglés-español. Madrid: Babélica.


5. Le Disez, Jean-Yves. 2015. F.A.C.T. Une méthode pour traduire de l’anglais au français. París: Ellipses.

6. Baker, Mona (ed.) 2015. Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution. Londres: Routledge.

7. Gallego Hernández, Daniel (ed.) 2015. Current Approaches to Business and Institutional Translation / Enfoques actuales en traducción económica e institucional. Berna: Peter Lang.


8. Vasilakakos, Mary. 2015. A Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia.


9. Jankowska, Anna & Agnieszka Szarkowska (eds) 2015. New Points of View on Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. Oxford: Peter Lang.


10. Baer, Brian James (2015). Translation and the Making of Modern Russian Literature, Londres: Bloomsbury.


Translation and the Making of Modern Russian Literature is the inaugural book in a new Translation Studies series: Bloomsbury’s “Literatures, Cultures, Translation.”

11. Camps, Assumpta. 2016. La traducción en la creación del canon poético (Recepción de la poesía italiana en el ámbito hispánico en la primera mitad del siglo XX). Berna: Peter Lang.




1. JoSTrans, The Journal of Specialised Translation, nº especial sobre Translation & the Profession, Vol. 25, Enero 2016.


2. Translation and Interpreting – Nº especial sobre Community Interpreting: Mapping the Present for the Future


3. inTRAlinea – Nº especial sobre New Insights into Specialised Translation.

4. Linguistica Antverpiensia NS-Themes in Translation Studies, 2015 issue, Towards a Genetics of Translation.

5. Quaderns de Filologia, Nº especial sobre Traducción y Censura: Nuevas Perspectivas, Vol. 20, 2015.

6. The Translator – Nº especial sobre Food and Translation, Translation and Food, 2015, 21(3).

7. Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E, 2015, 2

8. Dragoman Journal of Translation Studies.


9. Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E. Edición especial sobre Translation Studies Curricula Across Countries and Cultures.


10. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Nº especial sobre Translation Policies and Minority Languages: Theory, Methods and Case Studies


11. Nº especial de The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 11(2) – Employability and the Translation Curriculum


12. InTRAlinea. Nº especial sobre Building Bridges between Film Studies and Translation Studies


13. Nº especial de TranscUlturAl: Comics, BD & Manga in translation/en traduction


14. The Journal of Translation Studies 2015, 16(4)

Nº especial sobre Translator and Interpreter Training in East Asia

Contacto: Won Jun Nam:,

15. TRANS Revista de Traductología, 19(2), 2015.


16. Between, 9, 2015 – Censura e auto-censura


17. Translation Studies, Nº especial sobre Translingualism & Transculturality in Russian Contexts of Translation


18. Translation & Interpreting, 7:3, 2016


19. "The translation profession: Centres and peripheries"

The Journal of Specialised Translation (Jostrans), Nº. 25, Enero 2016.

The Journal of Translation Studies is a joint publication of the Department of Translation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University Press.



19. Nuevo artículo: "The Invisibility of the African Interpreter"

por Jeanne Garane, Translation: a transdisciplinary journal Contact:



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