Bon Pastor's Neighbourhood (Barcelona). Continuity Rambla Ciutat d'Asunción


  • Natalia Dueñas
  • Paola Andrea Ojeda
  • Katherine Pineda



on Pastor, Baró de VIver, Barcelona, Public space, Urban regeneration, Urban Cohesion


This Project Workshop Work in the Master of Urban Design: art, city, society of the University of Barcelona, dedicated to the design of public space in order to encourage urban cohesion in the neighborhoods of Baro de Viver and Bon Pastor.
Analyzing and understanding the territory we will be able to achieve an intervention proposal in order to improve the current state of the neighborhoods, generating a project that will benefit the local citizen and in turn will provide us with the opportunity to apply knowledge obtained during the study period.

Author Biographies

Natalia Dueñas

Architect. M.A. in Urban Design Universitat de Barcelona

Paola Andrea Ojeda


Katherine Pineda

Architect. M.A. in Urban Design Universitat de Barcelona


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Dueñas, Natalia, Paola Andrea Ojeda, and Katherine Pineda. 2019. “Bon Pastor’s Neighbourhood (Barcelona). Continuity Rambla Ciutat d’Asunción”. On the W@terfront 61 (7):3-24.