The aesthetics of green guerrilla. From activism to fine art




urban greenery, guerrilla gardening, DIY urbanism, public space


Grassroots movements – the activisms associated with the greening of the cities, reclaiming wastelands, establishing community gardens, improving the quality of life in industrialized places through minor nature-based interventions, as well as protection and safeguarding of the scraps of nature within cities – are what in this article I call green guerilla.

I want to demonstrate how these small-scale grassroots movements grow; how their actions lead to official solutions; how they become institutionalized and, sometimes, commercialized.

However, above all, by linking them with the environmental and participatory aesthetic trends, I wish to indicate their aesthetic aspects and the fact that they frequently bear the hallmarks of art.

Author Biography

Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, University of Łodz

Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek PhD, BA in History and Art History at the University of Lodz (Poland), Professor in the
Department of Ethics at the University of Lodz. She is the author of several articles in the field of aesthetics and art
theory, she is the author of the book “Graffiti i street art. Słowo, obraz działanie” (2019) [Graffiti y street art. Word,
image, action], co-author of the book “” Experience of art in urban space. Urban Forms Gallery 2011-2013¨ (2014) and
co-editor of “The Aesthetic Energy of the City” (2016). Since 2014 she is co-organizer of the International Symposium
“Aesthetic Energy of the City”


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