Llanura de Cheniers en la Bahía de San Sebastián, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)



The central part of the Bay of San Sebastian (Argentina, Tierra del Fuego) shows a series of parallel linear ridges, 13 km long. Each ridge is formed by individual segments, 120 to 60 m long and 80 cm high, with landwards recurved extremes and a drainage channel bet-ween them. The cheniers show an assymetrical section, with a steep face towards the sea, and lie on the mud flat sediments; they are formed by debris of Gastropods, Bivalvs and Echinoids, non-oriented and included in a fine-grained matrix. They are interpreted as deposited by waves during severe storms carrying the organic debris from the shelf to the supratidal area. The rhythmic succesion of ridges is problably due to the storm periodicity.


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