Estudio hidrogeológico de la cuenca del Francolí. Cronología de las aguas subterráneas



Tlie lower part of the Francolí river basin -Baix Camp of Tarragona- is constituted by Miocenic materials, from which have been identified the sedimentary means where they were originated and ground water formations that there are on it. The head zone of the studied basin, up to the Con- gost de la Riva, proved to be impermeable in general. It has been carried out its hydrologic study by means of radioactive isotopes in the different permeable means of the Baix Camp, limiting the methodology to the control of the tritium content of rain water precipitated in this zone, and impounded water in the different ground water formations. That has permited on the one hand, with the piezometers control, to establish the dynamic of the different ground wa- ter formations as well as to judge about the relations recharge-present extraction. On the other hand, the problem of the infiltration rnechanism has been undertaken in qualitative form.

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