El silúrico de San Vitero (Zamora). Comparación con series vecinas e importancia orogénica



A thick sequence of silurian sediments lies in synclinal position near San Vitero (Zamora), to the South of the outcropping "0110 de sapo" Formation. This sequence rests un- conformably upon probably Middle Ordovician strata and begins with conglomerates, volcanics, limestones, lidites, ampelites and detritic rocks of Upper Wenlock age. They are followed by alternating pelites and graywackes, and after a lidite bed with graptolites of Upper Wenlock age, comes again an alternance of graywackes and pelites with undeterminable plant remnants. The uppermost strata are made up of conglomerates which, as well as the basal ones, contain numerous fragments of metamorphic and volcanic rocks. This proves the existence of a pre-hercynian metamorphism nearby. The stratigraphic and petrographic comparison of this sequence with the neinhborinn ones shows the existinn similarities with the silurian-volcanics at Quintanilla (León), and also with the so-called "Carboniferous" of San Clodio (Lurio).  that have formerly been described by different authors. All existing data point towards the existence of a Caledonian folding phase (Eric phase) with associated regional metamorphism in the studied area.

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