Révision de quelques echinodermes (Cystoïdes, Crinoïdes), de l'Ordovicièn supérieur des Pyrénées



This paper is a review of some Cystoidea specimens collected at Alp and Pardines, located in the Pyrenees (province of Gerona), by Dr. M. Faura i Sans 75 years ago. Now a days, they are located in the Paleontological Museum of the Seminario of Barcelona. As a result of this study, we have determined with certainty, the species Heliocrinites rouvillei v. Koenen and Corylocrinus sp., though in this case, it has not been possible to determine the species, since they are internal casts, There is also a Crinoid columnar plate, Conspectocrinus celticus Le Menn, attached to one of the specimens. The age of these fossils is upper Caradoc, being similar to the ordovician fauna of the Montagne Noire, the Armorican Massif and the South Aragon (Spain).

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