The crystal structure of lead (II) indium (III) chalcogenide: PbIn2S4, a synthetic phase closely related to the lillianite group

María Isabel ARRIORTUA, J. RIUS, X. SOLANS, J. M. Amigó


PbIn2S4, Mr. =565.1, orthorhombic, Pnma, a = 11.675 (2), b =3.848(l), c =13.754(3) A, Z =4,Dm -3  F(000) =976,,u (Moka) = 363 cm-1. The structure was solved by heavy atom method and refined by blockdiagonal least-squares method to a fmal R =0.057 for all observed reflections. The lead and indium atoms have a distorted 8 and 6  coordination, respectively. This synthetic phase is closely related to the lillianite group. Avera e bond lengths in PbIn2S4 are: Pb-S 3.08 (3) and In-S 2.63 (4) A.

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