RIDGE and InterRidge: Cooperative interdisciplynary studies of mid-ocean ridges



RIDGE (gidge mer-Oisciplinary Boba1 bperiments) is a major research initiative in the United States designed to complement existing research on spreading centers. RIDGE has been designed to integrate exploration, expenment and theory into a major, decade-long effort to understand one of the pnmary processes that have shaped the evolution of our planet. Its objectives are twofold: (1) to provide a focus for a coordinated, interdisciplinary research program directed at geological, hydrothermal and biological processes associated with the formation of oceanic cmst, and (2) to provide a framework within which a rich diversity of investigator-initiated research can be undertaken. The RIDGE initiative has led to parallel efforts in other nations which have recently joined together to form InterRidge, an intemational collaboration of some sixteen countries focused on ridge crest studies.

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