Six years of study on fast growing forest plantations catchments in the Northwest of Spain



Data on water balance in three fast growing forest plantations experimental catchments in the northwest of Spain are presented. Two watersheds are covered by Eucalyptus globulus and other is covered by Pinus pinaster. During the six years of study severa1 perturbations occurred. In 1989 two consecutives wildfires affected to one E. globulus watershed. The second fire also bumed the other eucalyptus watershed. All eucalyptus were felled since 1991 to 1992. Also 25% of the watershed area in the pine catchment was cutted in 1991. Quick changes in the hydrologycal regimen took place after these perturbations. The very fast recovering capacity after fire and cutting of Eucalyptus globulus facilitated the retum to pre-fire hydrologic parameter values within only a few years. Before perturbations occurred, nutrient balances were very conservative, and were similar among the cathments. This indicates a good performance on the part of both tree plantations. Water comsumption for pine and eucalyptus stands was very similar.

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