Cronoestratigrafía (Palinología) del Triásico Sudpirenaico y del Pirineo Vasco-Cantábrico



This paper presients a general chronostratigraphy of the south Pyrenean Triassic basi:d on palynological studies. The Triassic in Les Nogueres-Cadí and the Basque Country areas is divided into the Buntsandstein, Muschelkalk and Keuper facies and the Isábena Forrnation. The Conglomeratic, sandstone and lutitic Unit of the Buntsandstein in the Puerto dr Otxondo (Basque Country) presents Stellapollenites thiergartii and together with the absence of Praecirculina granifer, suggests a Lower-middle Anisian age. The Lutitic Unit of the Buntsandstein in Igüem, Sant Sebastia de Buseu and Baga (Les Nogueres-Cadí) presenits Illinites kosankeii and Stellapollenites thiergartii, and the absence of Praecirculina granifer, indicates a Lower Anisian age.

The Muschelkailk in Hostalets (Les Nogueres) presents Camerosporites secatus, suggesting an upper Ladinian age. The transit zone between the Muschelkaik and the Keuper facies in Odkn (Cadí) shows a palynological assemblage with Patinasporites densus, Partitisporites quadruplicis and Staurosaccites quadrifidus, indicating a Camain age, possibly Middie-upper Camian.

The lower part of the Keuper in Noguera de Tor and Adons, in the Les Nogueres area, presents a palynological assemblage with Classopollis, Granuloperculatipollis rudis, Ovalipollis ovalis, Praecirculina granifer and Triadispora. The abundance of Classopollis and the presence of Granul~p~erculatipollrius dis suggest a Norian age, possibly lower-middle. The upper part of the Keuper in La Nou (Pedraforca) is Rhaetian in age due to the presence of cf. Deltaidospora and cf. Taeniasporites.

The base of tlie Isábena Formation in Noves de Segre presents Corollina zwolinskae and Cerebropollenites pseudomassulae, indicating a Rhaetian age. The palynological studies, together with the forarninifera and conodonta data, deteimine the existence of important stratigraphicc hiatuses in the south Pyrenean Triassic supercycle.

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