Reciclaje y tratamiento de residuos



In the present work, make a review about the evolution of papers related to industrial and urban wastes in the last years Also make a review of wastes and technology used in the inertization and recycling process. The differents wastes are divided between those that are inertizate through a ceramic process and those that are inertizate through a vitrification process. The first wastes are: a) flotation ore tailings and quarry wastes, b) industrial wastes with combustible component, c) metallurgical industry waste, d) galvanic wastes, e) fly ash, f) utilization of glass wastes, g) utilization of ceramic wastes, h) urban wastes, i) another wastes as papermaking sludge and asbestos wastes. The second wastes are: a) glass recycling, b) utilization of glass wastes for production of a varied glass bodies, c) recycling of glass fiber and d) lead contaminated mud wastes. Also we make an introduction of basic aspects about the ceramic and vitrification process and some examples are developed.

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