Magnetoestratigrafía de las sucesiones pliocénicas del Baix Llobregat: Aproximación preliminar



Preliminary stratigraphic analysis of the outcropping sedimentary successions of the Baix Llobregat Pliocene marine embayment (catalan continental margin, Northeastern Spain, Northwestern Mediterranean) indicates that this sedimentary record was deposited in a single transgressive pulse. The magnetostratigraphic analysis shows that al1 the studied sections have reverse polarity, a fact that supports their correlation and suggests that al1 of them were deposited during a time span included in a single reverse chron. The available chronological data to anchor this single reverse magnetozone to the GPTS allow to refuse its correlation to the chron C2Ar and suggest as more likely its correlation either with the latest part of chron C3r (between 5.32 and 5.23 Ma) or with some of the reverse subchrons of chron C3n (between 4.98 and 4.29 Ma). Taking into account the overall features of the stratigraphic record and the regional evolution of the Mediterranean during the Early Pliocene, the first attribution would be the most likely and would mean that the outcropping Pliocene sedimentary record of the Baix Llobregat was deposited during the early stages of the Zanclian transgression.

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