Remarks on the neuropterofauna (Insecta, Neuroptera) from the Brazilian Cretaceous, with keys for the identification of the known taxa



This paper reviews all previous knowledge about neuropterans from the Santana Formation (Lower Cretaceous, northeastern Brazil) involving a decade of research in this group. The neuropterofauna from Santana Formation is one of the most complete and diverse known, formed by 50 species distributed in 28 genera, representing 11 families: Ascalaphidae, Myrmeleontidae, Psychopsidae, Chrysopidae, Berothidae, Sisyridae, Nemopteridae, Roeslerianidae, Babinskaiidae, Paleoleontidae and Makarkiniidae. All the know n material is from the laminated limestone, tip of the Crato Member, lowest unit of the Santana Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Ceará State, northeastern Brazil. This research have the objective to furnish the keys for the identification of all known Brazilian fossil neuropterans and 16 Figures containing the drafts of all Brazilian neuropterans holotypes.

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